About Crowell & Kucera, PLLC.

Insurance Law is Our Main Focus

The insurance claim process in the United States can be complicated.  As much as they advertise otherwise, insurance companies aren’t always focused on assisting policyholders in a time of loss, but rather, in maximizing profits for their stakeholders.  Of course, this isn’t always the case and insurance companies have helped people when they truly needed it most.  However, they don’t always get it right, even if they are trying to…they also don’t always try to get it right, either.  They are still a business, and they must remain profitable.  To accomplish this goal, insurance companies frequently focus on collecting premiums and then underpaying or outright denying claims.  That is to say, even if a homeowner, or commercial property owner has experienced an actual loss that should be covered under the policy​, the insurance companies, through their army of adjusters and insider tactics, will underpay or deny the claim anyway.  Even in some situations when the claim is purportedly paid, often times low-ball offers are made to force policyholders to take a bad deal.  These insurance denials can come after a hailstorm, a flood, or even after a car accident since, no matter what the risk, the insurance company attitude often remains the same; delay, deny and then defend.

Crowell & Kucera, PLLC is different from a conventional law firm in that the primary focus at our firm is Insurance Law.  We are geared toward providing insurance policy holders with the information necessary to protect their homes and businesses against large insurance companies after a loss.  Often times, law firms fail to specialize in certain areas of the law, making instead a conscious decision to practice in numerous areas of the law.  They can often end up being a jack of all trades and a master of none, so to speak.  We focus primarily on the rights and wrongs, inside and out, of all aspects regarding Insurance Law.

Who Are We?

Our founders, Ben Crowell and Brennan Kucera, both practiced at large law firms before deciding they would focus on doing things their way in their own practice.  This means their clients get large law firm prowess, with smaller law firm attention, care, and communication.  They won’t hide behind their paralegals, take days to respond to clients, or pawn off their work on others.  They pride themselves on being the sole driving force behind the beginning to end of your representation.

Our Process

At large law firms, clients often don’t speak directly to the attorney’s who will be or even are working on their case.  Some large law firms send the same form documents on all cases for all clients they represent.  This lack of individual representation can only do one thing, lead to a lower recovery from the client.  Every case is different.  Every case should be treated differently.  Every case should be thoroughly researched, investigated, and the insurance company should get the best argument from their insured as to why they got the claim determination wrong.  That is precisely what we do, here.

At Crowell & Kucera, PLLC, we have the industry and legal connections and experience to handle a wide variety of insurance claim situations from the denial of a casualty claim, to a property damage claim, to representation after an automobile accident. We understand that across all insurance industries, the primary motivation of insurance carriers is to deny, delay and defend the non-payment or underpayment of claims. This understanding, coupled with our ability to resolve claims across multiple states, allows us to analyze and address claims-related matters quickly and efficiently.

Our Process consists of three primary steps.

  1. Intake and background information is retained from the client. We dig deep into the facts of the claims to let you know if we can help. If so, you can choose to retain us to work for you.  We represent our clients on contingency fee contracts.  This means, we won’t ask you for money up front in the form of a retainer, we won’t charge you for asking for an update if necessary, our compensation for representing you will merely be a percentage of what we are able to get recovered from your insurance company beginning from the date you sign on our contract, onward.  If we don’t recover additional money from your insurance company, you don’t owe us a penny!  
  2. We file the necessary paperwork and take over your claim. You no longer need to worry about dealing with insurance adjusters, public adjusters, contractors, lawyers or other parties. We will take it from here.
  3. We keep you informed every step of the way with the progress of your claim, and we hold the insurance company accountable. We will reach out and let you know when we need information and are available for questions and concerns 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  On normal occasions, you can expect to hear from us every few weeks to discuss the status of your claim.  We don’t charge our clients by the hour, so you never lose anything by checking in with us and seeing how things are going with your claim, if and when necessary.