What Should You Do After A Loss?

Insurance companies have legions of adjusters and employees that occasionally don’t have your best interests in mind.  They can seem intent on avoiding the payment of your claim. Arm yourself with information and receive the payments you paid for when you paid your premium and receive advice and support from real attorneys and industry professionals.  Give us a call at Crowell & Kucera, PLLC to see if we can be of assistance or to get general information about the insurance process.


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Understanding the Insurance Relationship

March 5th, 2018|0 Comments

Understanding the Insurance Relationship At the most basic level, an insurance relationship is simply a contract. It is an agreement between an insurance company and an insured for the insurance company to pay money related [...]

Damage to Property is Real, and the Insurance Claim Process is Difficult

The vast majority of American property owners, whether residential or commercial, will never make a claim under their policy. This is a windfall for the insurance industry. When disaster does strike, insurance companies are often reluctant to quickly and fairly pay out on claims. The numbers don’t lie.

Percentage of Homeowner Insurance Claims related to property damage
Billion Average Insured Losses due to Severe Thunderstorms over the last Decade
Percentage of Insurance customers that were satisfied with the assistance they received from Insurance Companies

To Successfully Navigate the Insurance Claims Process You Need Information and Advocacy

Despite all of the great technological developments implemented throughout Texas and Wisconsin, the weather and weather related events are an undeniable source of loss for residents in the states. Weather it is the hurricane season in Texas or intermittent strong storms producing wind and hail damage throughout Wisconsin, the weather can have a serious negative impact property.

In most occasions, weather damage sustained by property owners is covered under their insurance policy. However, just like with auto insurance policies, the insurance companies will try every trick in the book from delay, underpay to denial in order to avoid having to pay out money to homeowners as the result of insurance claims. Insurance companies can get away with these nefarious, and oftentimes illegal, practices because they, and their team of in-house adjusters, know that after damages occur to a property the number one priority for the property owner is to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

If your home has sustained damage due to wind, hail, rain, any other weather-related events, fire, theft, water damage, etc. it is prudent to seek out the counsel of an attorney, and to do so as soon as possible.  Generally speaking, homeowners that retain the services of an experienced attorney will receive larger payments under their policies in order to repair their property.  This is not a particularly good piece of news, but it is the reality.  Our team has years of experience in negotiating with, and when necessary, pursuing lawsuits in other legal actions against insurance companies that refused to honor the terms of their contracts.

Our competitive advantage is that we know the tactics, tricks, and the law surrounding both conventional and bad faith insurance claims for property owners as well as other injured parties and will zealously pursue claims for our clients using a holistic approach. Additionally, our team of attorneys that is situated to represent clients and homeowners across a variety of states including, Wisconsin and Texas.

Insurance Claims Following Disasters Arise From Many Sources

Commercial Property Damage
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Residential Hail Damage
Learn More about Residential Wind, Hail , and Weather Damage Claims

Residential Wind
Learn More about Tornado and Fire Damage Claims

Where is Your Property Damage Loss?

We have the Resources to Assist Commercial and Residential Property Owners Navigate the Claims Process all the way to Court or Mediation.

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